This project is currently paused. We have come to the end of our campaign in a very different place than we had hoped. We are disappointed, to say the least, but have learnt a lot from this experience and will keep moving forward! We have really valued the support of everyone who took the step to back us and/or share our project. Thank you.
As we have not met our funding goal, all pledged money will be refunded and production will not begin.

Where to from here? Unfortunately, we put lots of money into the launch and set up of this campaign and product, and money is now our biggest problem in moving forward. We are putting the project on pause while we look into any options and possible adjustments we can make. We may yet find a way, so please keep an eye out. Thank you again to our loyal backers, you will be the first to know if we find a way to re-launch and bring Clerestone to life.

– Mel and Chris.

Clerestone Gemstone Watches
Clerestone mini watch wardrobe
Clerestone - Ultimate value

The Clerestone Gemstone Collection

Choose your style, and stand out from the crowd with the first Clerestone collection. Each watch face is delicately crafted from natural gemstone. Clerestone Watches will be launching on Indiegogo (an international crowd funding website) with exclusive discounts available.


Clerestone gemstone watch - Howlite

Howlite is a white stone with subtle hints of black patterning. It has a look similar to marble.

Tiger Eye

Clerestone gemstone watch - Tiger eye

Tiger Eye has wavy patterns of gold and shows bands that shimmer as light reflects on the patterns in the stone.

Red Jasper

Clerestone gemstone watch - Red jasper

Jasper is a deep red. Sometimes with small inclusions or variations. A strong, rich colour for a standout timepiece.

Lapis Lazuli

Clerestone gemstone watch - Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone with hints of few other colours. In different lighting, it ranges from dark to brilliant blues.


Clerestone gemstone watch - Malachite

Malachite is a unique and striking stone with dark to light shades of green lines and bright wavy patterns.

About Our Dials

Our watch case is specifically designed to accommodate and feature our natural gemstone dials. Each gemstone dial is cut to precisely 1.5mm deep and is polished to light up its character and colours. Gemstones form in the earth’s crust at varying depths and under extreme forces of nature. When mined and cut, every stone has an appearance unique to its formation. This means that no two watches will ever be the same, even when featuring the same stone.

Clerestone gemstone watch - Tiger eye

Our Story

Chris and Mel are a father / daughter team from Australia. Watches, gemstones, and nature have been a huge part of their family for generations. In 1970 Chris’s Grandfather, who owned a watch repair shop, gave him a watch with sapphire and ruby hour markers. Something he still has and holds precious today. This watch and Chris and Mel’s love of gemstones forms the inspiration for Clerestone Watches.

About Our Launch

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that helps entrepreneurs and creatives bring projects to life. People can unite behind an idea or product they love and want. People who love a particular product can pledge funds to help make it a reality, and in return, these backers can receive the product at heavily discounted prices.

We are using Indiegogo to launch Clerestone Watches. In order to meet our manufacturer’s minimum order quantity, we need the help of a crowd of individuals who love our watches as much as we do, and want to wear one! We are offering our backers discounts as high as 25% for supporting Clerestone Watches. The earlier you support our project, the better the discount you can get, this is our way of saying thank you to our backers.

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High-Quality Materials

You love quality, and so do we. This is why Clerestone Watches are made from high-quality materials and are 5ATM water resistant.

Clerestone Swiss Movement
Clerestone sapphire crystal glass

Mini Watch Wardrobe

We believe watches should be versatile. Unlike most watch brands, which only come with 1 (or 2 if you’re lucky) straps, we give you 3 different types, at no extra cost! This gives you 3 completely different styles so you can dress to suit any occasion. This is your ‘mini watch wardrobe.’ Your wardrobe includes the 3 sets of straps, which are: leather, NATO, and mesh (all quick-release so you can change with ease) a branded cleaning cloth and a high gloss Clerestone watch box.

Clerestone Watch Wardrobe straps

Want to contact us?

Email: mel@clerestone.com

or call us on +61448992033